pursue a life of beauty

We all carry questions, pain, joy, and curiosity in our bodies, hearts, and mind. I’m here to reflect on those experiences with you as you journey deeper into love and wellness.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Life is full of spiritual uncertainty—situations in which we are unsure of who God is, confused about what God is doing in our circumstances, or generally dry in our relationship with God. Spiritual direction is a safe place to explore your questions and concerns about your life and God in a safe, loving, explorative environment, incorporating movement and imagination.

You take photos too?

Yes! I would love to have the honor of capturing a true reflection of you, your work, or your family. I consider it just another way of journeying with you in pursuing life lived well and full of beauty. Contact me for details or quotes and let’s create something beautiful together!

About Maggie

Hi! I’m Magdalene. I am a pursuer of all things beautiful. Today, that means I’m a mom of three, spiritual director, organizer, mover, musician, photog, and relational, intentional, sustainability-focused woman. I grew up on a small organic farm in central Indiana and in 2015 returned to Indiana after an eight year long honeymoon living in Holland, MI. If I’m doing exactly what I want, you will probably find me on a porch or patio, drink in hand, chatting about life and love and happiness with people I love.

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