I like many things.  Here are a few of my favorites for you to check out:


  • The Orphean Passages by Walter Wangerin, Jr  \\  This book was influential to my acceptance or perhaps slight understanding of the dark night – of those times in your faith-walk when the only grace you can find is just a  tiny thin thread.
  • The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell  \\  Again, a step in understanding and appreciating doubt and what we call the absence of God.
  • Finally Comes the Poet by Walter Brueggemann  \\  Oh let’s talk about preaching.


  • Ann Voskamp  \\   Sometimes confusing and overwhelming but beautiful poetry and prayer about life.
  • Diary of a Sassy Mom  \\  More any other mom I’ve met, Cydney has experience self-sacrifice.  Read and be inspired.  And you will laugh.  Oh, and you will cry.
  • Sami Renee Photography \\ She’s funny and real.  Plus she’s my cousin and you may or may not find my family on this site often. A soon-to-be Indy photographer (moving from Cleveland this summer) who’s worth an investment!  (Yes, a shameless plug.)


  • CityVu in Holland, MI  \\  Happy Hour.  Enjoy.
  • The Coterie in Kokomo, IN  \\ Because there is finally a good place for a good drink in Kokomo.
  • IF:Table in YOUR LIVING ROOM!  \\ 6 women, 4 questions, 2 hours.  A place to share life with women around a table.  I LOVE it.

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