Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach empowers others to create and pursue their truly desired life. Together we will explore your values, intentional integration, and forward movement in a brave, explorative, creative, and active environment. As your coach, I will be present to your desires and values, not mine, and we will pursue them accordingly. In addition to the traditional coaching skills, assessments, and practices explored through conversation, we will also engage in play, somatic (body-based) learning and expressions including all emotionality from overwhelming anger to deep belly laughs, and periods of silence. We will often choose a bit of “homework” (action steps) between sessions.

I will always enter our time with a few base assumptions:

you carry a divine spark
you are capable and creative
you are worthy of love, respect, dignity, and celebration
everything is connected

A typical session lasts 50 minutes, and I offer both in-person (Kokomo/Greentown, Indiana area) or virtual sessions. All are welcome.

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