l e n t :: a hallelujah recap

Hallelujah!  Happy Easter!  He is Risen! Lent has come to a close and thus ended my daily blogging adventure.  I had never before made such an intense Lenten commitment – not only did I spend nearly an hour a day above my normal activities taking photos and writing about them, I also abstained, most ofContinue reading “l e n t :: a hallelujah recap”

l e n t :: day43_need

Do you know how many needs there are in the world?  I’m not talking about new shoes for your Easter dress or a replacement for your lumpy couch but needs for basic human rights – for food, for freedom, for physical health.   Did you know there are 600,000 unused, frozen embryos in the USContinue reading “l e n t :: day43_need”

l e n t :: day42_rejection

An interesting juxtaposition of thoughts today: the rethinkchurch.com word (rejection) with the topic of IF:Gathering’s I Believe study of the Nicene Creed (the Trinity).  Here are my thoughts shared on the IF:Gathering App this morning: “My first theology class in college was Intro to Biblical Literature – read the whole Bible in a semester, plusContinue reading “l e n t :: day42_rejection”

l e n t :: day38_have

I have quite a bit.  A lot.  Extravagente.   Let alone our paid-for cars, the home we live in on my Grandma’s farm, the softest furniture (Jeff’s only home décor stipulation – plus not too many flowers), and abundant food – we have more clothes than needed donned in a week, technology beyond usefulness to entertainment,Continue reading “l e n t :: day38_have”

l e n t :: day37_beloved

… so, yeah, parenting is hard & beautiful, and very, very hard & very, very beautiful, and sometimes you just get down on the floor & weep & there’s no shame in it — tears just saying we’re loving deep. Parenting is hard, not because we’re getting it wrong, but because we’re getting to doContinue reading “l e n t :: day37_beloved”

l e n t :: day36_restore

I’ve pondered the word restore today–finding synonymous definition in healing, reconciliation, rejuvenation even.  In the death of winter and the birth of spring.  In the chill of fever and the breaking into the damp skin and wet hair of health.  In the pain of the dark night of the soul and the relief of joy’sContinue reading “l e n t :: day36_restore”

l e n t :: day35_people

I was trying to experiment tonight, with some superimposing magic-ness.  I’m not ready for that.  But while fiddling Jeff asked what my word was.  “People.”  “Well, I’m your every day people aren’t I?” I enjoy a beautiful house and we both like to practice hospitality on at least a weekly basis.  I would have lovedContinue reading “l e n t :: day35_people”

l e n t :: day34_remember

I can’t help but hear the echoing voice of Mufasa in that epic scene from The Lion King: “Remembaaah!  Remembaaah!”   Oh, James Earl Jones.  Every time.  Simba chases after the quickly vanishing vision of his father but he can’t catch a memory. Yesterday I was talking with Jeff and my parents a bit aboutContinue reading “l e n t :: day34_remember”

l e n t :: day33_path

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhapsContinue reading “l e n t :: day33_path”

l e n t :: day29_surround

When we lived in Michigan, our closest family member, at least until Jukes joined the Hope party, was 3 hours away.  Especially once we and our friends started having kids, we would struggle when friends would mention having regular date nights with grandparents watching kiddos: we couldn’t afford to pay babysitters AND pay for dinner! Continue reading “l e n t :: day29_surround”