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Justice can only exist when we stop building fences.  When complacency and apathy and American self-preservation and arrogance take a back seat (or perhaps jump completely out of the car) to compassion, empathy, a true embodiment of the Golden Rule, and the permeating concept of us FOR them verses us OR them.  When we decide that the war against slavery is worth more anger and awareness-spreading than the downfall of church décor and repetitive worship choruses.  When we realize that if we opened our doors to orphans that there wouldn’t actually be any orphans.  When we would value things (and vote for them with our dollar and lifestyle!) like healthy food and smart healthcare over entertainment and having a house as lovely or as large as our neighbor.  When poverty or OHMYWORD sin wouldn’t just disgust us but bring us to share and love and invite and pray and dance with more than just our better-than-ness.  I realize that I am a wee bit frustrated today but frustration is most often what moves us to action.

What frustrates you?  What injustice will move you to action?

Published by magdalenemastin

Hi! I'm Magdalene. I am a mom of three, wife of one, food-grower, -planter and -eater (my favorite part, of course), sewer, organizer, mover, musician, and relational, intentional, sustainability-focused woman. In 2015 I returned to the small organic farm I grew up on in central Indiana after an eight year honeymoon in Holland, MI. If I’m doing exactly what I want, you will probably find me on a porch or patio, wine in hand, chatting about life and love and happiness and then the Holy Ghost with people I love.

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