l e n t :: day15_shelter


The wind blew strong today.   I spent the morning grocery store hopping with my mom and two babes, hoods up and eyes down.  Then drove back to NE Indy later this afternoon for another appointment.  Each time, jumping as quickly as possible from each place of shelter to the next – the car, a building overhang, the house, a store.  Nobody wants to be rained on when it’s barely above freezing.

I don’t remember much of the details or even who spoke, but once I heard a talk about “the meantime”.  We often jump over “the meantime” to get to what we think of as the good stuff.  I’d hate to lose the majority of my life to the meantime when it may just be the time.   Who might I have chatted with today?  Sure, I may have been cold, but in the words of Susan Scott in Fierce Conversations, “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a … life, any single conversation can.”

What are you missing in your journey focused on shelter?  What have you deemed only the meantime when it may be THE time?


Published by magdalenemastin

Hi! I'm Magdalene. I am a mom of three, wife of one, food-grower, -planter and -eater (my favorite part, of course), sewer, organizer, mover, musician, and relational, intentional, sustainability-focused woman. In 2015 I returned to the small organic farm I grew up on in central Indiana after an eight year honeymoon in Holland, MI. If I’m doing exactly what I want, you will probably find me on a porch or patio, wine in hand, chatting about life and love and happiness and then the Holy Ghost with people I love.

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