l e n t :: day14_covenant


My 2nd year college roommate painted this for Jeff and me for our wedding.  She had previously done a simple sketch the inspired that painting and that we used on our wedding invitation.  It is lovely.  We asked her to draw it based on a song called “Closer” by Jars of Clay, specifically the line “I want your kites strings tangled in my trees all wrapped up.”  We liked the idea of two individuals, blowing separately in the breeze, secured together by a Big Deeply Rooted I AM.  We stepped into the second Covenant of our lives, making an unbreakable promise.   No matter what happens in life, heartbreak or death cannot take away the experience of our togetherness.   Thankfully, nothing can separate us from the togetherness of us and I AM.   That covenant is sealed, binding, rooted in dirt deeper, denser, than any substance or tool man throws at it.  That’s encouraging today.

With what or whom are your kite strings tangled?

My birthday/Christmas present this year was a lens upgrade and I’ve been wanting to pick up my camera a bit more—not to join the leagues of professional photographers but to be able to capture memories of my family and natural beauty along the journey.  I’ve also been meaning to write quite a bit more but you can just check my blog to see how often that’s happened (hint :: not).  So, as a part of my Lenten rhythms, I am doing rethinkchurch.com’s Lenten Photo A Day Practice.  I’d love to have you follow along.  Subscribe on the right.  

l e n t :: day13_vision


Before we moved back to Kokomo, I’d forgotten how beautiful Indiana skies could be.  Although the lack of sun during Michigan winters didn’t drastically effect my mood, the bright blue in the summer, watching dark clouds bring in a storm, or the articulate night sky has shocked me multiple since we moved back.  I didn’t realize I missed it.  I know other places in the world are flatter, but the miles and miles and miles you can see from one vantage point in Central Indiana is a bit ridiculous.  I can see the stop light at State Road 19 and 22/35 from 4 miles away at the stop light at 19 and 26.  You cannot ignore the great expanse.  You can’t feel big here.

What fills your vision today? 

a summer sunrise
a summer storm