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So much go in life.  Plenty articles and stories and studies exist discussing our current culture’s obsession with go-ness: our self-worth built upon the number of full slots in our calendar, or feeling like losers if we are available for a new Friday night plan on Friday afternoon, or assuming that those who only work a 40 hour work week are not working enough, or (my favorite) making our employees feel guilty for taking a day off.  But most of us know we need more slow and a little less go.  But how can we choose to embody that choice this season?  If it’s difficult for you to naturally find slow space, schedule slow space—mark next Wednesday evening as unavailable and have a date with your favorite book.  Attempt to recognize that your needs, be they an introverted desire for still quiet moments in your bedroom or extroverted needs for a lingering dinner conversation, are ok to pursue.  Take a day away – from work or children or stressful relationships—and spend time in beauty.

As a friend put it, how can we go join in with Christ on His journey to the cross?  This season, stop and greet the bystanders—be they humans, flowers, or music.


Published by Magdalene A.R. Mastin

Magdalene is a pursuer of all things beautiful, inviting others into a life with steady integration of all they say, think, act, eat, love, and enjoy--hopeful for a more centered, peaceful existence, both inside and out. Today, she offers spiritual direction, movement and yoga classes, and women’s retreats, incorporating contemplative Christian spiritual practices, contemporary and authentic movement, and the ancient way of yoga (with a fun side job of lifestyle and commercial photography). Past students and directees have joked that there are few others in the world as dedicated to boundaries, intentionality, rest, and weird voices as Maggie. Magdalene grew up on a small organic sustainable farm in central Indiana, raised in a family of avid readers, generous doers, truth seekers, and good food lovers. Those early experiences laid a great foundation for further mind-body-soul integrative training at Hope College (BA in English and Arts Ministry), Fall Creek Abbey (Certified Spiritual Director), and BodyWorks Studio (200hr YTT). If she’s doing exactly what she wants, you will probably find her on a porch, patio, or beach, drink in hand, dancing away or chatting about life and love and happiness with all her people, especially her partner Jeff and their three kiddos.

One thought on “l e n t :: day7_go

  1. Again, so good. Love your writing, and your images are absolutely perfect! Are any of these images from past archives or are you able to capture them day by day? Love it, friend! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!


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