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One of the daily emails I pop open for morning guidance or encouragement is Christine Caine’s First Things First.  It’s generally a short Scripture verse or passed followed by a quick paragraph or so from Christine, a prophet, preacher, and slave-freer.  I didn’t get to that email until tonight, after spending all day mulling over the word might:

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

I simply want to reiterate what King Solomon is saying in this verse — whatever you are doing right now, do it with everything you’ve got.

 As I’ve thought about might today, I considered asking Jeff to take a photo of my torso, each of my arms wrapped around a sick, slobbery, feverish girl as we sat in the recliner.  It takes all of my 1393835_10202065407014443_1030526690_nmight to make it through these seasons of sickness.  I debated pulling up an old favorite image of my parents, the mightiest folk I know.  But for some reason I was drawn to these roots today, so click it’s what I took.

Then reading those two short sentences on my computer screen.  I’ve been struggling recently, feeling like I’m not giving my all.  That serving my family without a strong role in my church or in a workplace or in my greater community just isn’t enough.  And while I do feel continued stirrings that something is on the horizon and new roles will be ushered in, I am reminded that my sick days on the couch with wee ones watching Meet the Robinsons, The Iron Giant, and The Pagemaster (a nice change of pace chosen by my princess-loving daughter!) not just require all of my might but should be honored by my might.  While it’s necessary gritty, it’s also a gift.  While 4pm always hits like a brick, it’s another 4pm opportunity to empty myself to give love to some uncomfortable people.

So tomorrow, when I’d rather give my might planning a shmancy event, or sipping tea with my spiritual director, or formulating an internship program, or creating a budget, or organizing a Good Friday service, I will put my running thoughts down with my S5, and do this mom-ing, laundry-ing, cook-ing, household-ing thing with everything I’ve got.

What are you doing today?  What do you need to let go of to be present with all you’ve got?

One thought on “l e n t :: day8_might

  1. Thank you for the reminder that mothering is worthy of doing/being with all my might! It’s easy for me too to desire callings out of the home, when how I live and love in the home is just as important. Thanks for your encouragement, friend!

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